Have you seen all those beautiful henna tattoo designs all over the Internet? Have you decided you want to try it too? Keep reading to learn more about henna before getting your first tattoo!

Today, henna is a popular way to express yourself. Many girls get them done in the summer when it is hot and more skin is exposed. In combination with tanned skin, henna really pops out and creates a boho, oriental look, perfect for the beach. Henna is also great if you want to try a tattoo, but you are not ready to commit to a real one, or you are underage.

What is henna actually?

Henna is a paste, which contains crushed leaves and twigs of henna plant, as well as other ingredients, such as hot water or strong tea. When this paste is applied to your skin, it will leave a dark maroon or orange stain, which will fade away in the following weeks. Usually, the paste must stay on your skin for 4 to 48 hours, depending on the intensity you are looking for and the type of henna you are using.

How long does the application take?

Henna is usually applied with special tools from an experienced henna artist. A simple and little design will take you minutes, but if you have chosen a big and complicated one it can go up to two hours. The paste dries quickly, which is why the henna artist will work fast and let it dry afterward.

How is henna applied to the skin?

Henna is applied the same way as if you are writing with a marker. The consistency is almost the same as a toothpaste, but it has dark brown color.

How should I care for my henna tattoo?

The henna paste will dry completely in 5 to 10 minutes after application. After that, it will be completely dry and will not stain. You should leave it like this for as long as possible if you want the best results. Many people prefer to go to sleep and wash the remaining paste in the morning. The results usually last up to several weeks. If you want to have your henna tattoo for longer, you should try to wash carefully the zone where it is and skip harsh scrubbing.

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