Visit Our Beauty Center for a Lot of Amazing Benefits

Pamper yourself and enjoy the benefits that we can offer at Threading Brow Bar. Our beauty center is highly patronized by the residents of Stamford, CT. Visit us and try our new and innovative beauty treatments. Our first-class services are sure to impress you every time. If you are interested in trying out our services, keep on reading for more important details.

Skin Treatments

Despite your hectic working schedule, you should never forget to take care of yourself. Set a regular schedule with us at Threading Brow Bar, and we’ll make sure that your skin health stays protected and well taken care of. Aside from our facial spa treatments, we can also give you a supply of beauty products to help maintain beautiful and young-looking skin.

Full Face Threading

Do you want to get rid of small hairs in some areas of your face? Consult us today, and we’ll provide an immediate solution to your problem. Through our professional procedures, we can clear out the unnecessary hair growths in your face, leaving a smoother and clearer complexion. You can also try our waxing services, which are highly safe and have no side effects on the skin.

Eyebrow Service

Waste no time in trying to shape your eyebrows every day. Let us help you get perfect eyebrows that are more suitable for your facial features with our eyebrow shaping service. You can also choose from our wide variety of eyelash extensions to match your beautiful newly shaped eyebrows.

Henna Tattoo Artist

Are you in the mood to get a remarkable tattoo? Getting henna tattoos is the way to go. Henna tattoos are temporary tattoos, so you will not have any trouble removing them from your skin anytime you want. See the impressive works of our henna artist by visiting us today.

Treat yourself to our salon services at Threading Brow Bar. Our salon is located in Stamford, CT but also extends its services to clients from . Hurry and visit us.

We are giving a discount of as much as 50 percent off for eyebrow threading services.

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