What a Henna Artist from Our Salon Can Do

henna tattooThreading Brow Bar is not only a place where you can get your eyebrows done but also a henna salon where you can get a beautiful temporary tattoo. Based in Stamford, CT, our salon has been operating for 10 years now and during that time, we have served numerous people. We have decided to dedicate this page to the henna tattoo we do. Read the following paragraphs if you want to know more about them!

Using henna on the human body is not something new. As a matter of fact, people have been using it for over 5000 years now. It’s a tradition among various cultures and the intricate designs can symbolize moments of the person’s life or can be applied simply because of their beauty. Getting a henna tattoo over a permanent one is because it’s just temporary and one can experiment with numerous designs. If you like how this sounds and want to get a beautiful design yourself, you will need the services of a reliable henna artist, one from our salon.

The tattoo you want will be applied by a skilled henna artist that can create any design you may want. When you first come to our salon, we will talk about the designs you like and create one for you. When this is done and you have chosen a part of the body where you want the tattoo to be, the artist will start applying it. It will take a while, especially if you want a bigger part of your body to be covered by it but the results will be totally worth it. You will walk out of our henna salon with a beautiful tattoo that will make you look unique and look really nice with your cute summer outfits.

 Whenever you want to set up an appointment with us or find out more about the henna tattoos we do, either stop by Threading Brow Bar or give us a call.


Our salon is based in Stamford, CT and we can be reached at (203) 705-3357.